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The Tech

Futuristic Technician girl. inspired from playing mass effect series XD... The horns are her headgear, it's the same color as her hair because she hates using gel to make her hair stand up like horns XD.

used: photoshop CS 4

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Your art is amazing.  The beautiful color and the daredevil expression in her eyes.  It's evocative and captures the attention.  I have a smile on my face now, thank you!
The-Second-Brother's avatar
Like this :) Looks a bit like Radical Ed grown up...
gusrgdrums's avatar
very well made!
Mathieu-R's avatar
One of the most beautiful Mass Effect fanarts ever !
Some-Artist-You-Love's avatar Used your artwork and took it as his. Major plagiarism to a great artist. He has no talent except for finding great works and downloading them. 
TinyFoxArt's avatar
looks like a girl version of gizmo (Teen Titans- Hive academy) that what i thought when i first looked at it i saw it on google a while ago and then i finally found it on deviant art i was so happy
tenkj's avatar
 nice!!!!!!! :O
X4sv1k's avatar
Really great job.
NobleValerian's avatar
Featured this image on my blog today and there will be another tomorrow! :D…
Tatoonthesky's avatar
How do you paint the skin so perfectly?O.O Please make a tutoria. ;--;
She looks like the Mechromancer from Borderlands 2.
naviman's avatar
quite cute
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
ProphetStorm's avatar
VERY nice. Love the equipment! And the other equipment!
SpartanUruk's avatar
It looks ALOT like the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Lucy, you must have got some reference from there as the resemblance is too alike haha.
Great job none the less :)
IMVUJerboal's avatar
Reminds me of a female Gizmo from Teen Titans. ;o
PanserPop's avatar
I recently started playing the first Mass Effect.
My husband swears by that game.
It's his favorite game ever.
Well, his favorite game series.
The point is, this is amazing.
I had finally hit rock bottom this came at perfect timing for me this showed that money is power I had to share this with someone
LadyWinter's avatar
Beautiful! I just love her eyes and her light freckles. Mass Effect is amazing. Great character!
chris-the-sword's avatar
very well, done! epic, do more!
lacuslover's avatar
omg this is so awesome im adding this to my fav
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