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The Major


This was a Ghost in shell piece i worked on a few month back for upcoming convention,
It was fun working on sci-fi related image this time : )
I have some left over posters from conventions, Available online here

used: Photoshop CS 6

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Surprisingly, this work from 2013 looks much like Kusanagi from SAC_2045 made 7 years before, haha

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So sexy! Amazing work, respect!
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Fuck yeah badass women!
Man, I don't know, it's just her face, it's not Makoto. The whole body is Makoto, not the face. Nor her expression. Remember, Makoto is a cyborg ...
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The expression doesn't seem like her, but it's not because she's a cyborg.
She can make expressions...
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We are Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online, a first person shooter game based on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, from Nexon America and Neople.


We came across your fantastic Ghost in the Shell art here on DeviantArt and we were wondering if we could share it on our social media pages! We would of course credit and link back to you. 


You can check out our official website and social media pages below:…


Thank you so much and please let us know!


-The First Assault Team-

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Absolutely fantastic.
And  I LOVE that you titled this "The Major"
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This is such a badass picture, I come back to look at it again all the tiiiiime!! You managed to capture the sci-fi feel very well, and her confidence really shines through in her facial expression.
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I agree with everything you just said! One of my very favorites artwork of Major Motoko Kusanagi!!:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) Nod Clap 
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O_O Ghost in the shellll! awesome!! it's funny that I don't even know her name X'D except for major hhaha. But this is wonderful, LOVE the detail in the gun!
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I like how there is no need to specify which major this is about. ^_^

Thank you for your time and effort!
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Thats so fucking awesome *-*
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You are an art champion! If I was wearing socks they'd be blown off right about now.
10/10 very impressed
amazing Major by the way.
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Your earlier pieces were so detailed...
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Awesome sauce ^__^
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Major Motoko Kusanagi...

I think a ghost just exploded out of its shell
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