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Tainted black

By sakimichan
fun character concept, always wanted to paint a dark mermaid *_*... This was fun.

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I can just see this pic as a story...

Once upon a time she was an innocent, naive mermaid who was loved by everyone and openly loved all. But soon after a horribly tragic event, her being was consumed with a tainted darkness that she couldn't fight. Her pure, wailing screams echoing in the silence of the ocean as she was transformed into a fallen, darker being of herself. No longer the same mermaid as she once was before, she was soon seen as a monstrous outcast. She chose to abandon her homeland and stay in a place where she sought peace, comfort and solitude in her new shell, though in the end, it only brought her even more pain, loneliness and suffering. 

But anyway, a truly stunning art work. I really like it! Keep up the great work!
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Not sure if you gave permission for this, but someone turned this character into stock art.…
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Very NICE! the scales are really pretty and the style of the hair is very evocative. her expression is just. on point. X3 
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I bet this is what the little mermaid would look like if Tim Burton, Lars Von Trier and American McGee got their hands on it.
I love this dark gothic style mermaid I must say. Epic (^_^)
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I love the dark theme to this. I find the darkness more alluring.
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if you add a glowy yellowish orange light right in the upper left corner, it would look like Ariel giving up her voice scene :3
madebyMylena's avatar
looks really cool!! :A: 
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oh my god I LOVE this!
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nice color and detail seems almost real.
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Would you mind if I used your idea for a tattoo?
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The tip of the tail is amazingly beautiful.
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Such a pretty mermaid!!!!!
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I love what you did with her hair!
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