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Starguardian Duo


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I had to do a pair painting of the starguardian skin Lux and Jinx. I had to go back to league after they released the starguardian jinx skin :3 Lux and Jinx are my two most played champ and I'm so glad riot kind of paired them up together in a way XD they are OTP for league now haha. This is a a piece dedicated to them. I spend quite a bit of time on this piece but I enjoyed working on it in the end ^_^ my second OTP for league is Ahri and sona XD

❅video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

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used: photoshop CS6
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You just ruined my two favourite champs Facepalm I'll never see lux and jinx in the same way. But this is a very beautiful peace of art :D

I'm just gonna pretend that lux is just asking jinx for help. 
its gay and i love it
Lykhan44's avatar
amazing, just amazing ... keep it up. lml 
ThePolishRengar's avatar
That's why I F**KING HATE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS COMMUNITY! I.. I have to die now... someone shot me in the head please.
LaSasha's avatar
What about this makes you hate the community?
It's a nicely drawn picture. 
linkstering's avatar
Pfft Ekko and Jinx (Why not draw these two) make a better pairing seen as how they actually know eachother, but then again everyone just wants an excuse to pair two girls together. And over a single fucking quote nonetheless -_-
LaSasha's avatar
They've been clearly shown to interact in the Star Guardian animation together and have a bond! ^_^ I definitely understand their pairing for this reason and might ship it myself. 
linkstering's avatar
True and thanks for leaving a decent and pleasing comment compared to m and to be honest I'm just a little pissed at the ship mainly because I have had some major problems on the league roleplaying community( like I seriously couldn't even get a decent Jinx x Ekko roleplay going along and was one time dropped for a fucking Jhin). And personally the ship is rather cute and could make for some rather fun and creative stories, I'm just a little upset that its getting more attention than Jinx x Ekko seeing how they are clearly connected through lore and have been around alot longer before these skins were even announced.
LaSasha's avatar
Yeah, I get it. I think Jinx X Ekko is cool too and I certainly understand the pain of constantly having your ship overshadowed. 
linkstering's avatar
Yep its just a bit irritating but then again its just a ship so it doesn't really matter i guess.
marihikari's avatar
Amazing work~ I love playing as Lux ^^
Koshka1511's avatar
I love how much personality this painting has! I love both Jinx and Lux. 
These looks smarter
Ashkanie2's avatar
Amazing beauty
DommyCat's avatar
Ship it. Why not. xD 
pikagirlkuma's avatar
same I'd  ship it!!!!.:*Emoticon*:. Fangirling Marinette 
waterdawg's avatar
I do not play the game, but your artwork is exceptional. I just happened across one of your pieces, which brought me to the gallery, and I am glad that it did.
SaneKyle's avatar
Jinx: "What are you freaking gay?"
Lux: "...Yes."
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