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Spider Gwen


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Finally draw Spider Gwen .I always really liked her design  so finally took the chance to paint her >3 took some extra time to render her out as well as on the background :) played around with some lighting, hope u guys like XD

❅video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

  available through my patreon

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In my opinion, Spider-Gwen is better than Peni Parker.
yahoruz's avatar
girls fits spider theme so much more imo
ColtonTheOrange's avatar
Spider-gwen? what the hell with the marvel fanbase or is this something new I only read the comics at the antique store I live by
K4sum1-Chan's avatar
It's an alternative universe in Spider-Man comics. It's not character maked on fanbase.
Intellart's avatar
You should draw Gwenpool too, her design is cool as well
g33katheart's avatar
don't forget Silk too. love to see all 3 in a yuri
Spykermations's avatar
Hello, is it possible to get a digital version of this artwork through your gumroad?
cyberneticwolf's avatar
Beautiful positively beautfiul, I wish I could comission I can see so so many mlp humans and  video game characters looking absolutely stunning in your art style. Do you have any tutorials you use regularly that you might recommend to your fellow starving artists?
MordreadGrimm's avatar
Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] It's so beautiful!!!
PopofTarts's avatar
<3 love it!!!!! Free Undertale Sans Headbob Icon 1 
She could lure me into her web anytime...
turfex's avatar
Can you do Black Cat plssss
Your art is allways amazing.
toonboyii's avatar
She somehow looks like Dave Cameron & coincidentally, she voices Spider-Gwen in the animated series.
SakuraMinx's avatar
I think you mean Dove Cameron and I think she does also, and do you mean the animated series that just ended here in the US a little while ago?? Because they have Tara Strong listed as voicing her but I watched a clip of it and I could hear Dove's voice and it even listed it as her debut for the character but Tara is the one officially listed for the character as far as I can find
toonboyii's avatar
Oops. Dove, not Dave. My bad.

Yup. Ultimate Spider-man.

Tara Strong voiced MJ. Not sure if she voiced any other characters in the series.
!!!!!!! I LOVE Spider-Gwen's design as it is and you make her look even more amazing <333
Eichelyn's avatar
Beautiful work.She is way better than Mary Jane in my opinion
setes7s's avatar
So beautiful... 
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