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My pinup take on Sonia ^u^ ! going for a trendy/cute/sexy ish look for her !

NSFW preview


❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg
Hardcover NSFW art books #Kickstarter launch to start the year ^_^ ! discounted price for KS preorders! Female/yuri edition and Male/yaoi edition>

Mature Content

Melony Christmass pinup by sakimichan

Mature Content

Melony Christmass Nsfw02 by sakimichan
Shinobu render.v1 by sakimichan Mai pinup by sakimichan Giorno pinup by sakimichan

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used: photoshop CS6
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Would you look at her!

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Beauty and very creative piece of art !

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Redheads... you gotta love em!

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I love how Sonia had more of an Adventure than the player characters! Incredible art!

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Ah Sonia~ my new favorite redhead. :love: :love:
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My kind of rambunctious redhead ;)

hot! love the full length display
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Shes such a lovely girl :lovelyeyes: 

Lovely thigh

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Missed the term 😐 amazing artist tho.
         Pokemon Sword and Shield - Sonia Icon 
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im in love of your art :love:

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I hate that you have to disable comments on your other version of Sonia. I wanted to say that there's a bootleg version of Pokemon where someone made all the Pokemon into chino little girls, like lolis (my husband bought it for me God love him), and I just thought it would be epic if you could get with someone to make a bootleg version of Pokemon Sun and Moon with your art instead of the original. People would pay big bucks for that! We paid $25 for that bootleg loli Pokemon game and it's for Gameboy Advance LOL
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so you want her to draw child porn? lmao

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