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Snowy couple

By sakimichan
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So This is my Gender bend version of Elsa and Jack (OTP lol), Jackie and Elsir : ) Hope you guys like.

used: Photoshop CS 6

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IM DYING!!! ELMO!?!?!?
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Jackie: Stop holding me so tight, b-b-baka.
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hehe, no wonder she's pissed, shorts and barefoot!!! Thats just painful. Faved, live in the snow and hate it but love the pic.
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Define Cool but hot...THIS!
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Hehe!Someone is blushed! :D
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OMG! Everytime I see this..I just Fangirl so much!!!
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Isn't anyone going to point out the fact that Elsa is Disney owned, whereas Jack Frost is DreamWorks? I mean c'mon.
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Like that's ever stopped ANYONE.  xDD
People ship Elsa or Jack with just about everyone, anyways.  I personally love Jelsa, but I've seen JackxRapunzel, ElsaxHiccup, JackxMerida, HiccupxMerida...and that's just among the popular Disney/Dreamworks characters.  There are COUNTLESS others. 
BalanceLord's avatar
Why picture Hiccup with anyone else? C'mon. Or Rapunzel for that matter. They already have their significant others. Just...why?
TrebleSketchOfficial's avatar
Well, honestly, I can see him with Merida...generally I feel like Astrid has lost a lot of what made her such a strong character over time, so I don't really like her with Hiccup as much anymore.  
No, but I definitely see your point.  I get really pissy about people shipping Jack with Rapunzel, who is quite literally MARRIED to Eugene.  
At least Hiccup is still only in the dating phase...pretty sure Punzie's locked down at this point. xD
BalanceLord's avatar
Fair enough. Are they making a How to Train Your Dragon by chance?
TrebleSketchOfficial's avatar
This artist, you mean?  Or like, a third movie?  
Because I have no idea if the artist is, but I know Dreamworks is currently in the middle of making the third film.
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A: I meant a 3rd film. B: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? I was joking. They're actually making a 3rd film?
TrebleSketchOfficial's avatar
Oh yeah.  It's the last film, supposedly.  They say they might continue with like little branch-off ideas after that, but as far as they know, there won't be another film after this upcoming one.

Then again, they're making another fucking SHREK film, so anything's possible at this point.
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Omg I'm gonna die

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They look WAY better like that.
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I don't ship jack and elsa as their normal genders, but this is adorable
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There's just a story waiting to be told here.
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