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Snow White and the Huntsman Inspired

By sakimichan
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She's not the original snow white, the one with the black hair... maybe she's another version of her in another dimension or something XD;; I tried different color hair and I think this color goes pretty well,,,,sometimes its nice to try out different combination of colors and see what you like best.

Just painting for fun, inspired by the "Snow White and the Hunts men"Movie. It's not so great on the story line but awesome in costume design and CGI *_*

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used: photoshop CS 4
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definitely like this version better
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I love her!!! Well done :-)
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o m g amazingly beautiful!!!!! <333 :)
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She is beyond stunning, very beautiful
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OMG! that face so real
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Snow White is one of my favorite fairy tales.  I absolutely love this! <3 <3 <3
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thats amazing and so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love her, but what is with the rose in her hair?  It looks wrong.
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I'm so in love with your paintings :heart:
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im sad that everyone likes blonde hair more than black...
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So much talent!!! *.* its gorgeous really! The blonde hair work very well, I'm pretty sure it would be as amazing if you do another version of her with black hair :) By the way, the Kristen Stewert comments are cracking me up xD its sooooo mean, I feel like a horrible person but I've never really liked her either ._. okay, I'm going to confess my sins
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Black hair or no black hair I still love it
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Prettier than Kristen, beautiful work :heart:
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At least this one shows more emotion than Kristen Stewart. 
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Gorgeous! Balanced and beautiful.
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i love the hair colour, it works so well! It makes her appear more youthful and full of energy than the original black hair in my opinion- great :)
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I like this hair better qwq
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omg why does everyone like the blondish hair more, going through the comments is making me sad, snow white was one of my favorite stories as a child, because of the part where her mother says, hair as black as coal, and lips as red as blood, it didnt have the normal theme of the other disney princess movies, the original snow white had hazel eyes as well, this is an americanized version of her, shows what peoples color preferences are these days,
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duude i've just fallen in love
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Now that was an epic take on the classic tale.
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Snow White from another dimension...I like the idea!

Love how you did the birds in her hair wow.

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