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Snow King

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I did this last month, just a apeedpaint of Elsa in male form ^u^ Posting it on DA now.

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used: photoshop CS 6

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Omg so Cool and Handsome SanicSpider in Love Emote Sakuya Izayoi  perv emote Sakuya Izayoi  perv emote 
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has he met the snow queen. *chuckle*(get the joke )
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He's handsome but he doesn't seem to have Elsa's personality. Elsa was sadder and less self-confident throughout most of the movie while he looks cocky and happier than Elsa was (his personality seems to be more like Jack Frost). That's just my option though.
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The sass is strong with this one.
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Male Elsa is my waifu :)
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Weird how male Elsa looks legitimatly evil
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So cool!!!
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He is extremely handsome, I especially love those eyebrows.
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Oh-ho!  Did Andrew pelt you with a snowball again?  He picked the wrong Ice King to mess with, I tell you.  I like his expression here, and the effects on the background are cool too.
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Oh Elsa gender bend, I was about to say. Ice King from Adventure time? XD Awesome
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Why didn't I favorite this earlier??
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OMG.....If Elsa was a guy....Id be Marrying her....HE IS TOO HOT TO BE SO COOL!!!!!! LOLZ!!!
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Just look at that smile. I want I want I want  
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Absolutely gorgeous!
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love it!! i will call him ethan the snow king. :3
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Looking very good! Seems that even just the aestheticism of fantasy characters could inspire the style of ornamenting our appearance as human. Very good! We must not life in fantasy world, but we can still making up our life & makes it as good as realistic fantasy. Nod 
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