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Snow Angel Sona


Happy holidays <3Here's my take on snow angel Sona<3  Inspired by snow Miku :3 Haven't draw many reclined pinups so this was kinda fun also had lot of fun painting all the fluffy parts ;3

❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

available through my patreon

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Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
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The blue and white colors are amazing and she is cute looking. Nice pose.

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se parece a Miku Owo
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Just Gorgeous.
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Love the colors! :)
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This looks way too cute! If this was a skin on league I'd play Sona more.
She is so sweet and delicate here -sublime!
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A gorgeous girl in a hot pose!  Horny 
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I don't often "favorite" images like this, but I find this one to be particularly appealing, both relating to the subject and the setting.

I am not a fan of images that are too "busy" (have so much going on in the image that all the surroundings can be distracting from the subject).  In this case, your image seems to strike a more balanced note which I find pleasing.

I look forward to your future work.
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A hitting feature set as a intentional phase.  With every sector moving over.  A hitting structure sets as a high wave.
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Everything about this picture looks so soft~
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wow this is cute well done :)
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looks likes hatsune miku
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very good job!:)
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How do I buy this?!?!?!!!
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You would have to ask the artist, because I do not know either, a thousand apologies!Sweating a little... :) (Smile) 
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Nice use of blues and whites!
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