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As promised,here's the sketch tutorial !,sorry for the long wait ;O; <333

if you have any questions ,please post them,I'll reply to them asap !

have fun :flirty: hope there aren't too many mistakes @u@;;and hope you guys understand it XD <33
here's another version of editing of the same sketch [link]
ps: if ur useing it plz link back or credit me ,thanks <3!
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I'm just going to fav all your tutorials for future referencing. XD Haha they're great!
Potato-Neko's avatar
AWESOME! I have to try this technique soon :)
NightWitch14's avatar
What is that type of effect called? o.o
I've been searching for this for months! :onfire:
And does this works on Paint tool Sai? :meow:
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This is really cool. Just out of curiosity, did you draw the sketch on paper and scan it in? Or did you draw it with a tablet?
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sakamichan, you are freaking amazing. I've seen your photos all over the internet for years and I JUST REALIZED THEY'RE ALL FROM THE SAME PERSON! I can't believe how someone can be so astoundingy talented
:clap::clap: :clap: :retarded-clap: :retarded-clap: :retarded-clap: :jumpingjacks: :jumpingjacks: clap clap clap clap Bear Emoji-16 (Clapping Encore Applause) [V1] CLAP!… For you! Thanks so much I really hope one day I'll be half as good as you! 

supesdupe's avatar
thank you so much for this tutorial, I can’t believe you took the time to make this, really appreciate it!!!
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"Et voila c'est fini " 
Tu connais le français :D ? ( si t'es française je suis bien contente car je suis vraiment mauvaise en anglais... je veux te dire a quel point tes oeuvre sont belleeeeeeeeeeeeeees ! <3... et la barrière de l'anglais est un problème pour le dire )
"Et voila c'est fini " 
You know how to speak French ? ( If you are french , I'm really happy because I'm really bad in english .... I want to tell you that your works its really beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul! <3 ... and my english is a problem to tell you ...)
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thank you very much for guide :)
Lou331's avatar
Thank you for taking the time to post this wonderful tutorial.
all the best to you
PeekaaBooh's avatar
So  great !
(But it's not "Est voila" it's "Et voila" yeah one little thing change everything)
Jonathanjo's avatar
Totalement d'accord ;p
Zeheria's avatar
wow this is amazing~  I will put this information to good use :D
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Step one: have artistic talent.
frankman1's avatar
Yeah, because he was able to draw like that day one. Practice, stop looking at the word "talent" as a rule or even worse, an excuse.
warhead's avatar
Come off the high horse. ;] I was making a joke, not an excuse. Just because I don't fill my DA with my art does not mean I don't have something of my own to work on. ty.
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okay, I tried this out and I have to say I love it~! *^_^*… here's the picture in case you're interested in seeing it. *^_^*
AmyNChan's avatar
okay, I will definitely try this~!  *^_^*
GhostHead-Nebula's avatar
Is the sketch made digitally or is a scanned pic?
JayCrest's avatar
I swear one day, I'll get to be as good as you (only 50 more years to go :D )
PuRpLekHoUkHa's avatar
Oh my god... thanks so much..!!!
i always wondered how to do this!!
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