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Si-Fi Elf

wanted design a character with a bit of futurism si-fi feel .
Her back story was that she was once human but after dying at a young age, her body was given to the secret government program that usually takes the remains of certain deceased and "revive them with artificial technology. and since they were already considered "dead"and identity-less they were made into secret agents or spies . Her Code name is Medus,her hair is made of tough ma liable material, and is in penetrable by bullets or beams XD;;;

used: photoshop CS 4
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Your work is very good.
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Very sexi👍👍
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Your proportions and anatomy were so much better at this point. I really wish you didn't sacrifice so much quality for your Patreon :(
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Very beautiful, thank you :)
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Contact me, send me your artworks and I´ll made the ties! Put your artworks in a quality tie!
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That's amazing, I love her synthetic hair what a great idea, you had! ♥
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great back story! and beautiful artwork :3 
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I'm so sorry I missed and downloaded this by mistake and put if for my profile pic, I apologize incredibly if you're angry.......
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i like how her code name is a reference to Medusa! :D so interesting.
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Interesting part of the body to make invincible, but she is experimental.
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I think the reason that they made the hair invincible was because it covers the head, and therefore protects the brain. ^^ Just my two cents!
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Wouldn't the skull or skin be a better aim? Invulnerable bones seem to work well for Wolverine, but skin would probably count as every pore being clogged.
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This is super fun! I love her design - it really works well and the backstory is fascinating.  :D
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your arts are wunderful
Its so most Beatiful <3
Nice Work!!!
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woow Laughing  this is perfect  i love it 
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:) nice idea for the hair
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So much grey and silver! Love it
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