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Seto Kiba

By sakimichan
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my take on Seto kiba from Yu-Gi-Oh ! >;3 I've always liked his "cool" vibe !

nsfw preview

❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

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used: photoshop CS6
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Wow, this looks like a 3d model.

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Wow, nice! Captured his attitude pretty perfectly while still looking just like him. Yay!
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Yugioh  the older generation. Seto Kaiba has aged like great tasting bourbon.
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Best video game designer in the UNIVERSE!

That's how I see him. An idol. Especially to a digital artist like myself! 
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my boy Magic
Cat Love Cat Love Cat Love Cat Love Cat Love Cat Love Cat Love Cat Love Cat Love Cat Love 
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Best Seto Kaiba I have ever seen!
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Insert a *Screw the rules,I have money" Joke here

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* came with a chair, put it down, and sat down *
Now waiting for Pegasus Maximillion 
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Seto never looked more satisfying lmao
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and in leather pants....LEATHER PANTS.
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*inhales sharply*
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*squeal* Yay!!!!! Kaiba!!!! :D
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y las fangirls de kaiba gritan en ... YA
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Really good picture of a asshole
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Uh, you have the Duel Disk on the wrong arm. Kaiba is right handed like most duellists so it should be on his left arm
Sprite-Trixx's avatar
Nerd boy, who even cares?
Were-Wolf-Hell's avatar
It's well documented in all Yu-Gi-Oh! media that it is on his left arm, in literally everything. Seeing as she loves detail, and she has made mistakes before, I'd let her know

MutouYuugiAiboufan's avatar
Good to see you have done a drawing of Kaiba. The details on his clothing really help to bring it out. Including not only the cards around him, but also the Blue-Eyes one in his hand is great. Rocking background you have there. Even that expression works well for his cold personality.
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/love for seto kaiba 
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UGH right in the old nostaligia feels! Taking me back to my old high school favs!
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