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SasuSaku Beach day

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Always wanted to paint Sakura and Sasuke together in a couple setting after finishing Naruto Shippuden ;3 This girl worked so hard to get this guys, it's commendable. Wanted to do a beach setting piece for Naruto and Hinata at some point too ^_^ This is kinda rough piece in parts, didn't put too much attention in the background , but that's Naruto and Hinata running along

❅video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

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used: photoshop CS6
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My adorable couple..ur art is amazing😍
dacringeyfangirl's avatar

Also Sasuke looks identical to Noctis in this lol

dacringeyfangirl's avatar


Licorish-Art's avatar
Ikr? She's so underrated
beccabirkhead's avatar

Your art is dope af! :worship: All of it!! However, Naruto is by far the best anime and my fave. Your should definitely do more! :love: Even if I'm not a big fan of Sakura ;)

I didn’t know that was sasukes arm and I freaked out bc I thought it was someone’s leg lol

XXShadowQueensXX's avatar
Even though, I don't like this ship Sakura and Sasuke look super cute in this photo and the quality is very nice overall.
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Askippzer's avatar
Ugh I know I already commented on this before but honestly, I can't get over how good this is! 
Especially Sakura's smooth skin. I just love it
AirchaiD-conGirl's avatar
AlexShiori's avatar
im here because of NH behind them XD idc about ss 
that guy is hot
UltimateGameMaster's avatar
What things might be like if he hadn't lost his arm.
LumiLuv's avatar
SasuSaku is definitely one of my main ships, these two were destined to be together from the very beginning ❤️
Haruzinho's avatar
what a body mister Sasuke.... fuck i'm hot
From an angle Sasuke looks similar to Noctis from FFXV lol Still so cool
Zotar1234's avatar
That melting icecream is giving me anxiety by nearly falling off
stephygirl777's avatar
Lovely. I love these characters! :)
Askippzer's avatar
Ahhh this is sooo amazing I just can't even!! I love how smooth Sakura's skin looks and damn Sasuke's abbsXD It's interesting how Naruto and Hinata are in a different style to show the fade. And I most definitely agree poor Saku worked so hard to get her man(so glad the 2 are finally canon)
Askippzer's avatar
I just realized Kakashi is on the right, so are they flirting in front of him?Wink/Razz  
NarutoByAri's avatar
sasuke does not even like her. she only chased after him he cleary said he has zero interesset to her. so ss is an insult to sasuke!!
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