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Samus and sci-fi is awesome !Hope you guys like ^o^ was so much fun painting this.


🌟full video process (6+ hrs)

🌟High res for this piece and many others will be made  available through my patreon 

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Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
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That is such an atmospheric and detailed scenery artwork that captures her in such a strong way *_*

I want to ask in a humble way, if I could
1. set the colors on black and white / or maybe there is a line art which I am allowed to use
2. print it and
3 (re)color it (with credit to the artist) to learn more and led me lead by the atmosphere of your artwork and the characters/scenery. This means: No commercial use, just uploading it to my 'gallery' with credit to you and linking to the original artwork

You can find examples in my 'gallery'
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A very beautiful job of Samus, every details stands out nice. Love 
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Well done. This is really good. :)
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One word... Beautiful 😁
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Soooo Hot!!!!! 
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Awesome. Keep it up.
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Those muscles tho
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 sensual lips * ^ _ ^ *
omg wonderful!!!!
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Even Samus aran from metroid series looks extremely sexy drawn this way is too freaking perfect.
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very cool! would make a great wallpaper:3 
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Samus looks gorgeous! Nice job on her! Any chance you might make a picture of her wearing her Power Suit in the future?
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Wow you're drawings are crazy! Samus is hot!
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Omg can u make Ike from SSB4
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I'll be honest, I am a big fan of your work.
Fenikkusubureizu105's avatar
Love that draw you made Luv it
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