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Sakura Demon Warrior

Just a random concept, samurai inspired, mostly vector work on the outfit on top of a base digital sketch : )
Since she's blind, he wears the helm, she was born from the remains of a corpse once concealed under a sakura tree. The lost soul could not rest from the brutal murder and so her hatred for the murderer kept bottling up until she was reborn from the sakura tree...XD. My friend told me of a similar japanese legend and I though it was really cool.

ps. I wasn't trying to be realistic. The character's proportions were stretched and stylized. I find exaggerating realism is fun and makes the image less realistic and more fantasy-ish. which was what I was going for : )

used: photoshop CS 4

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when was this completed?
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Cool concept. Really love the design of the figure.
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I love her concept and her story as well! AHH someone needs to write a fic or story for thisss!!! I'd love to see her coloured version, but her more monochrome ver also suits her so well!
Scruta's avatar
woah, menacing
and overflowing with virulence
Stunning concept!
Zavellart's avatar
Amazingly inspired design!
It's wonderful!
Denive303's avatar
FOUND YOU!  ..And it was in my fav list all along >__< (i thought i lost it along with half of the artists i was following at cghub) <3 Love this so much
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I am a fan of the estoc pair for this sketch but I find the directional pull of the left blade to suggest an improbable spatial position for her obscured hand.  I only mention it due to my having viewed this work in the past with positive impressions and this time I was trying to decide what term I'd give her small-swords and I happened to find that weapon stood out.  Very high quality work, as always, besides my composition nitpick.
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Whoaaa awesome! I love the pose and this mysterious look!
10street's avatar
love!!!! This one!!!
DemiSanity's avatar
i love the sultry elegance of this design 
CrabZillaBangBang's avatar
gorgeous. The posturing and minimal color really gives this a great feel
Akuma09Yomi's avatar
this is so amazing! :D I love ow dark and sinister she looks~
Blackmoonfalls's avatar
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She's beautiful. Her body is extremely sexay! And her outfit is well done. Reminds me of the courtesan from AC: Bros.hood. Luv! <3
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you cannot be serious you made it..La la la la  i found this amazing artwork on google and have used it as like EVER since... you are fucking awesome love your art Love hahaha
EleaDhakra's avatar
I love it! The posing is great and the proportions totally fit in. The design is so cool. xD The sketch look plus red as the only color gives the right atmosphere...this would make a great poster. ^^
A ghostly, deadly looking beauty.
WhereHasMyMindGone's avatar
i like this one the best... wow thats a fucking cool concept.
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lovely brush strokes.
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