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SG Ahri Transformation

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Wanted to paint SG Ahri in the process of transforming in a way ! Painted in some fabric motion to imply it .Took me a few trys still not completely happy with it but time to move on ! Was fun though <3

❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

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Starguardian Princesss Sona by sakimichan SG soraka by sakimichan Shadow Ganon Zelda by sakimichan Halloween Angel Mercy pinup by sakimichan A2 by sakimichan

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Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
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Learn fucking anatomy

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she has and is following anatomy

the way you draw their face is blowing my mind keep it up
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So amazing drawing <3
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i have this as my phones wallpaper^_^ so pretty
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her ears looks so fluffy that i wanna touch them T^T
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the fact you added the whiskers makes me happier since riot decided to remove it from the skin, plus other artists besides mimi usually leave out the whiskers now :c
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Sakimi, a piece of this drawing (face specifically) was cut out and pasted into another drawing.
I don't know if you will read this but I hope it goes down quickly. Not to mention this art promotes sexual abuse.

Mature Content

Yandere Simulator-Student Council Art Contest 2017 by sayuminokitsune
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Puroistna I am sorry but the face is not pasted. I just used the same sketch, you can see the shading is different. I am still learning to draw faces and sakimi is a huge inspiration. I am not trying to promote sexual abuse since in this drawing I am showing a girl helping an abused classmate.
I do not want to trigger anyone. 
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it's kind of strange that you block everyone pointing it out and remove their comments until someone comments where you cannot hide it. does that not make you look bad? it seems like you knew what you were doing was inherently wrong, but didn't want to admit it unless you had to.
tracing is not "inspiration," it's art theft.. not to mention this makes your commissions look bad when people know now the art they're receiving might not even be original.
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lmao this isn't your first time even…
Tomoe Kamisama Kiss/Hajimemashita by sayuminokitsune  is a mirrored repaint of  Cherry blossom bishounen .nsfw optional. by sakimichan  you have no shame lol 
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I've already explained everything. Now you can see the paiting difference in the icons, but I respect your opinion.
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Yeah, shading is exacly the same, you only changed her chin and removed whiskers, so much skill wow
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Whoa! she definitely give a new vibe to Magical girl :)
Great piece!
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increíble trabajo con la piel...
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Your work is always top notch.
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