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Running With Spirits

By sakimichan
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okay this will be the last time I post this, and I hope there will be no problems for you guys : (

I was inspired by the yin and yang idea : )

used: photoshop CS 4

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Is the black one a girl? Yin (Black part) is supposed to be female.

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the spirites kind look like wingless dragons. :)
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  Pure fantasy. I like it.
Elz-arte's avatar

What a beautiful composition, very immersive, I loved it.
AnimeGirl513's avatar
So amazing! I can hardly take my eyes off of it!
XzovyArts's avatar
Great idea and well done! :D
Animeillustrator96's avatar
That black spirit looks like my doggie :) She's a lurcher
Love this. Not sure how to describe it, sometimes, words just aren't enough.
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Amazing piece!
I was wondering why art like these arent on patreon
LetsEatRamen's avatar
I think she painted this before starting her Patreon, so I guess everything there now is stuff she's made since starting it.
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really impressive, i love how you captured movement here!
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Your art is just too addictive! I can't get enough of it and feel like I need to fav your whole gallery :D
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That's wonderful!!!
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The dog is running with the spirits, who are running with the woman, who is running with the dog... That is how i see it.
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Could I use this as my Facebook cover photo? It's absolutely beautiful! However, I didn't see your watermark on it and I didn't want to use it without permission and credit to the artist 😋
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the watermark is actually in the water, just under where the girl is running. P:
however, asking the artists permission is always a good thing
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