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Royal Assassin

By sakimichan
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Update: resubmitted from last night, adjusted the image a bit.

portrait for a character I'm developing for my portfolio.
Her story goes something like this XD: She's a elf orphan that was taken in by the humans soldiers when she was still a child. Since she was a very agile and had potential of being more than a slave, they decided to train her to become an assassin.
In the portrait she's around 25.

I'll be working on a full-body concept later on : )

used: photoshop CS 4

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This is old news, but someone stole your art and posted it as their own about five years ago.

Isha!!!!!!! jesus!!!
Hannah-Maresfin's avatar
Her face looks so modern and sexy 
Amazing! How did your draw this? O_o
Angelwolfpet's avatar
Ayyyy, I just gotta say, Your art is absolutely beautiful. 

I'm sorry someone stole your art for their purposes.

Keep up the good work.
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Someone's been stealing your art for the "Twisted Fate" contest: 3D Digital Artwork by CordeliaViessa
I posted a comment about the theft and she hid my comment. She also hid the other comments as well and blocked me; now I can't comment about it lol. Hopefully it gets reported.

You can't hide the comments here, CordeliaViessa
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Hey, you've probably already been told this but someone stole your art and is trying to use it in a competition…
QuietTiger4ever's avatar
this piece is being used by CordeliaViessa for a contest entry
xXAckliaXx's avatar
So cool! Love the detail :)
cyanthree's avatar
great looking character portrait
joshuapaul11b's avatar
Is this done digitaly?
derderer's avatar
Excellent piece of art! I like your drawing style here, it fits her very well. Makes me want more. Maybe a full body picture of her with a nice sketch-like environment around her (please ;-) )
ps: she looks like a stone cold killer! I love it!
Enzeru-Youkai's avatar
Her eyes are captivating! The whole image is but her face... Oh my gosh her face *w*
I also love how simple the painting actually is if looked at closely but beautiful when looked at from the right distance.
I have to work on that... I get too close to my paintings and focus on small details.
Gothicsage's avatar
She looks great.
KarmaSouls's avatar
So many details.  I love the beads.  Maybe they're poison capsules?  ;)
stealthpanther's avatar
She looks awesome.  Love your character design.
cherrypantsu's avatar
  i cannot imagine how creative mind you got! this is breaath taking*Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (So exciting!) 
YuriMo2's avatar
Just awesome!
i-love-daisy's avatar
i love her costume it looks great :hug:
Kitten-Bubblepuff's avatar
Fantastic! I love her eyes!
Huh, when I have many tabs open, the one for this drawing is titled Royal Ass.
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