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This piece definitely took awhile to do. I wanted to focus on the legs from below , a fun challenge XD
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Hair voice over tutorial
please go:
used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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absolutely immaculate

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Who said a nun couldn't be sexy?

Bluestar29's avatar

Rosario? a vampire girl?

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Damn she thicccc
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She looks gorgeous and you always do these types of angles so well <3

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Wonderful fanart drawing of her. ^_^ :heart:

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really nice sexy angle

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I love your style sakimichan, it’s distinctive and VERY aesthetically pleasing 😌 regardless of whether or not the original character is this thicc or not, virgin boys need to realise that jugs like those don’t come without the extra meat 🍖
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Faye Valentine x Revy

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Good lord she's THICC !

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The perspective and colors are gorgeous :3

Great job!

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This is how I remember Rosaria though

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superb ART

she is thicc!Extra    T H I C C!!!!!!

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I notice the insta bhaddie body type inspiration. Pushing perspective is always a great way to brush up when you're in a certain style mode but don't want to change things too drastically.

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The only thing she needs to watch is you two losers complaining about her body shape to gtfo. She's beautiful and the picture is superb.

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