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Rogue was one of my favorite character from x-men evolution, This version is based on that show >w< except I designed another outfit for her , was really fun ! Ahh the old old cartoon days XD

❅full video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

 available through my patreon 

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used: photoshop CS6
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How do you art!?!? All your creations are amazing! Keep doing what you're doing, my friend!!
Baalrogue's avatar
Breathtakin' art! You're incredibly talented! Nice job!
Wolf-fang4's avatar
I need a shovel because I am digging this.
graydama's avatar
Definitely one of my favorite characters!!! :la: :love:
AnimeGirl513's avatar
This is so awesome! I totally love your Rogue drawing!
pa1ntAp1cture's avatar
Do a Gambit. <3 <3 <3 <3 Omg 
very awesome pic. the outfit looks great
madameHunterr's avatar
My mom was gonna name me Rogue. I wish she did xD
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papel1's avatar
The texture on the clothing is really  sweet...:thumbsup: all the way
rnko26's avatar
is there such a  thing as an unattractive rogue?
Evaseditions's avatar
No way, it's physically impossible!!~
She's so gorgeousss ^·^ :heart:
rnko26's avatar
just checking to make sure my mind was not wrong lol
Evaseditions's avatar
Ghehe, sometimes I do it, too~:p
Apid123's avatar
i wish i could support you in patreon but i don't have a chance
RockyVega's avatar
She's one of my favorite X-Men period. You really did her justice here. Fantastic work.
MyrvanaMiseria's avatar
I think you should do a special gallery with character couples
Springtrapfan23's avatar
*Backs Away* Don't touch meh...
CMVreud's avatar
Meh, she wasn't bad but I liked the original X-Men Rouge more. Especially her accent.
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