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Finally got the chance to paint rei :) to complete my "evangelion" girls ( the original)!

This took along time >.< Wasn't sure the direction I was going and was testing out the bg alot. was kinda fun painting the bg XD, the Units are kinda rough. overall, good practice experience : )

❅video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

  available through my patreon 

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What do u use to make these
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Neon genesis evangelion very nice
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Reiiiiiiiiii Heart 
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Awesome job on doing his artwork, one of the big favorites for me.
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Is that her angel core?
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This looks awesome! Rem Smile Icon 
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Spam really isn't welcome
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Heya just letting you know someones been trying to sell this on Ebay, under the completely wrong labels a well.…
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Yes, I love Rei and Evangeline isn't a half bad anime. Great job :)
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Wow this is amazing! Your art work is awesome :D
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Your Rei's beautiful. Your style is beautiful!
Nicely done!
oh! pretty! rei!
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Grate anime grate art can you please do are of yuyuhakushow Bleach or Xenoblade Chronicles any Characters of your choice 
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Ermurgawd I love this anime :dummy: so bootiful
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Always stunning!
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