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Red Haired Samurai

Just wanted to paint something like this, with the hair flowing across the character's face.
She's a samurai, and Also she's a mixed.

used: photoshop CS 4

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"For they seen scarlet on the wind and faltered" -Majeo1

First thing that came to mind :P

Good work!

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Oh my gosh!!!! i've got a new favourite artwork!

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Beautiful! I love it! I really like the lighting and the colours, well done!

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Love the artwork ,You are inspiring us !! great job.

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Shinobi was actually an occupation a Samurai could specialize in, at least in some point, and the first Shinobi WAS a disgraced Samurai.

So for lady Samurai, no, lady Samurai weren't a thing because in the nitty gritty close up stuff that requires the extra body strength of a man, ladies were shelved until the gun came along.

But female ninja, Kunoichi? Those gals were the closest to a real life female Samurai we'll ever get, and even they couldn't really do heavy purely physical terms of course.

samurai was a caste you were born a samurai

female samurai were called onna-bugeisha

history is also very vague about the first shinobi-no-mono

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Historical accuracy gripes aside, the picture's still pretty.
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can i use this as a desktop wallpaper?
i have website where i sell phone cover with unique deisgns printed on it. I just wanted to know if i can use your images to print and sell online? I will be waiting for your reply. Thank you
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The movement in this piece is incredible! 
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Nice work with depth,hon.:)
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Very cool work
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Very impressive work, I love it
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Greatness  What? What?   

:iconwplz::iconeplz::iconlplz::iconlplz:        :icondplz::iconoplz::iconnplz::iconeplz:
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awesome  Clap 
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Lol! Used to be a cover for my book!😃
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May I please display this in my group gallery?
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Beautiful artwork. 
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