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Pinkpopstar Pinup video tutorial


Available through pledge !

This Tutorial pack comes with

❆video tutorial (2h 30min)



Available through Sign up !

Patreon reward Archive…

I've been wanted to do a pinup step by step  for a while since I started to do NSFW :3 I was experimenting with this piece, was trying to see how far i can push and pull her anatomy, that's why her waist is thinner than my usual stuff XD Also,I  was trying to draw breasts softer looking *///*Anyways, I think I'm getting a hang of the lineart :3 Feel free to color it yourselves once I send out term 17 rewards !

Lara croft Pinup.NSFW optional. by sakimichanElf Officer video tutorial pack .promo. by sakimichan


I’m releasing ,for free one of my voice over tutorials  it’s for portrait 101, feel free to download it and try it out !
please go:
used the promo code: Pinkuhair

more here:   !

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You DO know how to draw armpits. Awesome!
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How nice of you! Thanks! :) It's nice to learn from someone who knows how to do this! Looking forward to going through the lesson!
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Hello Sakimi, I have a question. I saw you added a lot of things on your gumroad, which is more accessible to me than patreon. But the video process includes any guidance whatsoever? For pieces like the Jinx, or Sona.. etc? I'd love it very much if you made a full on tutorial with clothes and blending them on your character etc. I really like your style of drawing, it's awesome! :)
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Only looked at this because I'm a sucker for women in art.

NO!! That doesn't mean I'm a perv!!!
LoRdMcNuGGeTTs's avatar
this is an exposed woman, and basically you looked at it.
i guess that means we are all perverts here.
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Great one ,  I think you get better everytime.
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its a bit ridicilous that you have to pay to learn this :/ 
though i respect your decision in making it that way it would be nice to have at least one for free showing us your method :c
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she has made her portrait 101 tutorial free for download, it's at the bottom of her artist description above! ^ _ ^

quoting the description:
"I’m releasing ,for free one of my voice over tutorials  it’s for portrait 101, feel free to download it and try it out !

please go:
used the promo code: Pinkuhair

more here:   ! "

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ahh thank you so much , i never even heard about this :OOO 
ty sosos much :D !!
nikkaroo's avatar
ah, you are most welcome, my friend! ^ v ^
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artists need money to make a living too, she's clearly doing something many love. I don't see why it's ridiculous, supply and demand after all
SweetieHD's avatar
I know they need money like im fine with her selling all this its awesome , i would just like to see her process just once. i and many others dont have a lot of money so i think one normal tutorial or speedpaint would be cool for free ^ ^ liek i said i respect her decision.
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Why did you criticise it in the first place if you respect it so much :)
SweetieHD's avatar
i didn't criticise it :/
tinselswan's avatar
Ah so I think the problem is that you don't know what that word means, no worries ^,^
SweetieHD's avatar
In all honesty, i think thats rather rude of you. Why insult me when im trying to be nice and just put my opinion across? i said im happy with everything she does , i would just like to see ONE process of how see does her artwork for free like a small one. only because i think it would be interesting because her artwork and such are a compleatly different art style to most other artists. im not well funded i dont have the money to invest in her pateron. 
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I think you are trying to use the sympathy card to get out of this one. I will stop here, clearly this was going nowhere from the start. Bid to goodbye, with apologies
Also her art style is virtually the same as artgerm's cg looking ones, maybe he has a couple of free things if you're interested? Just a thought
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The eyes are so beautiful
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ok, awkward as question, but how do i get the tutorial? (step-by-step)
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Suscribe to her patteon. Paying 5 $ per 2 weeks you get the steps by steps and paying 10$ per 2 weeks you get the video process and steps by steps + psd
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