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Pink Mercy

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OMG This has to be my favorite skin now, grabbed it when it came out XD Pink + pony tail, I can't resist but to paint her. Go pick up the skin today if you can ! the charity ends today !This was relaxing to paint ;3 going for a more painterly look and feel ^^


NSFW preview  

❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

available through my patreon

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Camilla Wedding Armor Pinup by sakimichan

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Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
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I wanted that skin but I have the doctor one
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It doesn't really look like her though. The face looks more like an 18 year old than a grown woman.
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My favorite Mercy skin <3  You made it super sexy
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if interested in joining game development, we can talk details on discord

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I love this one so much!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You made Pink Mercy look so amazing! Overwatch should hire you to design their characters. 🙂
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Overwatch never was my thing but the wait u paint some of these makes me almost want to.
The detail is amazing! well done! :)
Arcialeth's avatar
her left hand... its something wroong with it xD
GreenBoo's avatar
It's a little small, it still looks good but you could tell it doesn't match the size of the rest of the body. That's what you see
I love every single one of your paintings ! You are so talented! Really great work and keep it up ! May I use these Overwatch pictures on my youtube channel as video thumbnails and maybe as a banner? I would put big credits and links to the pictures ofc ! 
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Don't understand why people are crying over a NSFW version lmao.
There not being a NSFW version will not, dare I say it. Cure breast cancer, not heal those who are affected by it or those who have lost loved ones because of it.
If you were to tell a victim that someone has made a NSFW version of a skin made for breast cancer charities, Would they care? No they wouldn't. It's not affecting them or helping them, You're all just being overly sensitive, to make yourself feel better whilst unconsciously drowning in all the benefits you're blessed with that people aren't.
ArtSkepticBot015's avatar
All I can say is... I Love It! 

but I gotta ask, does Blizzard have some sort of thing for twin tailed blondes?
AmayaTenshiArt's avatar
Thats amazing! Thou the hand i think is a little too small..? In my eye at least
Rebelle-Artist's avatar
Its definjtely too small.  The foreshortrning should've had the back hand be smaller.
DTJB's avatar
Impressive as always.
M O R E   P L E A S E
Rayander's avatar
Please Have Mercy!
Good work tho.
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