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Photoshop painting basics voice


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This term's voice over tutorial will be another beginner friendly voice over guide. This guide will be on the popular requested subjects: How to set up canvas/ Brush setting/ blending**( more specifically, with pen pressure vrs without pressure). I know some of you probably can't paint with pen pressure either it's because of the tablet or program issues, it's still possible to blend it'll just be a bit more work !Honestly painting without pressure can still create an interesting style.

❅PSD steps
❅Jpg steps
❅ 2hr 06 min voice over video tutorial

voice over tutorial availableon Gumroad

Halloween Angel Mercy pinup by sakimichan SG Ahri Transformation by sakimichan Azura by sakimichan Rias  Gremory by sakimichan Soldier 76 day off by sakimichan Snow Queen Mercy by sakimichan<da:thumb id="719674175"><da:thumb id="718813288">

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Hair voice over tutorial
please go:
used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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Hmm... Somehow I like more the without pen pressure.
Nishant321go's avatar
same with me :/  
Do u take art reqs?
SerSolaire's avatar
That helped. Thanks for this... I know you don't do stuffs for free, but... can you make something like... Me, praising the sun? (In the end I asked something for free.)
shiroxdraws's avatar
Thanks this help me a lot❤😘😍
Niincia's avatar
i think the version without pen pressure looks better...
honestly. without pen pressure your style looks ery good xD
Dumke's avatar
elf <3

It really does look drastically different because of something simple as pen pressure.
WuB4o896's avatar
I know I'm not the one to mess- but the difference is the time spent on each drawing. If you notice her WIPs or Step-By-Step, it is almost identical. She took more time to refine the PenPressure one. Obviously.
Dumke's avatar
Fair enough, I'm not really an artist.
WuB4o896's avatar
I see
mostly thats how she makes tutorials
Totemos's avatar
Whoa. The blending without pen pressure style is actually really interesting and gorgeous!
Paschmina's avatar
Woooow so awesome!!! If I would work digitally, I would 'buy' this tutorial <3.
85NERO's avatar
very good love itDeviantArt :) (Smile) Kitties +fav deviantART 
Karkull's avatar
Nice and pretty! 8D
Luna6294's avatar
"Pressure" has two S's =P
Guakupero's avatar
De ambas formas siempre te queda increible !!
shonasof's avatar
I'd love to see these! Once I'm working steady again I'll be able to Patreon :D
That's a cute lookin' Elf lady :) love the art style!
NikkiE-K's avatar
Wow! I didn't know that pen pressure played such an important role in how the finished product looked! 8O It's amazing! :)
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