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Since I already drew Rosalina I though I'd draw Peach( from Mario game series) too :) I did a bit of experimenting with her dress , was fun designing it but still keeping some of her iconic dress features : D Hope you guys like ^_^ Peach's face was so hard to capture in a more painterly style>.<;;; took me a while.

❅full video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

 available through my patreon 

Classic Sona .NSFW optional. by sakimichan

Mature Content

Rosalina semi-nude teaser by sakimichan
Nico Robin 2 years later by sakimichanTharja .nude/NSFW optional. by sakimichan

Mature Content

Narusasu(WARNING YAOI) teaser by sakimichan

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She's gorgeous!

hooon42's avatar
julianx2rl's avatar
If this is what Mario sees, then there's no wonder why he keeps saving her over and over.
DianaJA's avatar
You're  right! XD
MissRandomNomad0o's avatar
this is gorgeous. peach looks beautiful.
Werecatqueenstamps's avatar
I used to hate Peach (mainly because of a bad experience with a Peach fan) Now I'm neutral about her
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
TheOrokinGamer's avatar
It looks So Realistic
YourClairyGodmother's avatar
Realistic but cartoony and cute. You've captured Peach's likeness exactly!
TotallyLigit's avatar
I watch his/her speed paints on YouTube
Kova360's avatar
Love the dress
christianteentech99's avatar
HOly cow this is cool
BiancaPeres's avatar
achei estranho esse vestido caindo
Tronkyubii's avatar
My favorite, I love how you draw her <33
EggsBenedictBoi's avatar
Loooks peachy 😉
Nostalgialover808's avatar
You're great at drawing her! :)
Eilige's avatar
So cute and beautiful!
Xkiller316's avatar
Peach ain't suppose to be this way but the art work is still amazing as usual
Asleep-From-Day's avatar
Wow you made her so incredibly gorgeous!
AndresRondon's avatar
Awesome!  :dance: how many hours did it take to you to finish?
x-DIG's avatar
*whispers* princess peach is the best. . .
i adore her, and i wish there were more like prints, dolls, and other accessories - but no just other mario characters.
she's beautiful and i love it, i want to buy it and put it on my wall ; v;
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Pink Heart Icon Princess Peach Pink Heart Icon 
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