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Passing Through

wanted to try to draw a dog like creature, he is sort of like the spirit of nature or plants, passing by a lake XD

used: photoshop CS 4

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Oh my gosh this is amazing ! ! ! !
the colors are just amazing
YumeON's avatar
Ouhhh I didn't know you did that. I had this as my background for a while but I had it from google not from deviant. nice *-* I love it. and I love your art.
kajigoddess's avatar
Hey, I found this piece of art on a wallpaper website:…
Please let them know if you would like them to take it down.
I love the mesmerizing colors in this, by the way. ^_^
terraishtar12's avatar
Is amazing!!
Is that a kirin?
ZekieladishinAC's avatar
He looks like he's made from the Aurora Borealis, merely an illusion of light.Clap 
Gamzee27's avatar
This is amazing! Looks EXACTLY like the creature from the Romantically Apocalyptic comic, though..
Mathieu-R's avatar
At first, I though it was a Miyazaki's work fanart. The ambiance really looks close from his style !
MakiCy's avatar
This is beautiful great work. :D (Big Grin) 
ShishiNoSeirei's avatar
Looks like a cover for new Miyazaki movie <3 I love it!
MoynaPhin's avatar
Magnifique ! Je suis en adoration devant cette oeuvre, elle m'a même inspirée une histoire. Merci ^^
Webecamethewolves's avatar
This is so beautiful! Your images always seem to have a story within them :)
SakuraBast's avatar
gorgeous! Reminds me a bit of the forest spirit from Princess Mononoke!
Staceyreneehayes's avatar
Charisu's avatar
Your art work is amazing!!!! I love it! :D
jkras's avatar
The lighting and palette is breathtaking!
Devil15's avatar
All your stuff is so amazing!
I love the bright green color
fawnspawn's avatar
INTENSE! If I could draw like this I'd be set for life. 
krisiyan's avatar
To me It looks like a spirit of the Aurora Borealis... Very beautiful! :)
molly14560's avatar

love this piece

TheSoullessChild's avatar
Its. So. Pretty!!:excited: 
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