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Nose tutorial

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This tutorial was made possible by my patrons on patreon! The full package of this tutorial including psd, video tutorial,  high res jpg will be available through…  : )

Program recommended: photoshop

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Thank you for your interest!
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I'm gonna ask  you to take a step back, and teach me how to get  OUTLINE for said nose
Blackbutler123x's avatar
this video was so helpful OwO
vishnususeel's avatar
are u using mouse or touch pad to draw plzz reply :/
leiyue's avatar
Hi, sorry if you wanted sakimi to reply but I came across this and I thought I'd answer since I know :P. She uses a graphics tablet. 
vishnususeel's avatar
hai thanks .. soory for late replay :)
Thanks this is helpful :)
brownico's avatar
What do you use to make the lines so smooth??
MasterChori's avatar
What program do you use? o.O Please respond!!! Waaaah! 
alistare's avatar
she uses photoshop cs6
VivaL-aGloria's avatar
What brush do you use here??
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artiztc's avatar
I have a feeling this is going to help. Thanks!
Icywinds9's avatar
You just made my dream come true Chicken Dance 
RabbitAndLionhearted's avatar
Thank you so much for making a nose tutorial! :D This a great one! 
thirdwits's avatar
you are a saint for posting this
sashark8703's avatar
I needed this! thank you so muchhappy cry XD 
toxxicduck's avatar
Thank you for the tutorials!
ACosplayTA's avatar
This might help me out with my realistic human drawings ;) (I'm practising to get better at realistic drawings)
Lizzy-Sakura's avatar
awesome tutorial! 
Junsei-san's avatar
CommanderHomo's avatar
so helpful! * ^ *
i love it, gonna save it for later use ~ <333
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