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Morrigan .NSFWoptinal.


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Voted by you guys last month :3 Love working on her, she's got loves of curves and sensuality to work with ^o^ !good practice

❅uncensored PSD
❅uncensored  full video process
❅uncensored High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made

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used: photoshop CS6
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What does a succubus do again?
xxyellowdrakkenxx's avatar

they drain lifeforce by a kiss or sex

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<33333 im in love with your gorgeous art!!!!
King-of-Limbo's avatar
omg Morrigan Aensland ~ 
Beautiful use of colors light and shade as always ~
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Ahhhhh x)) i LOVE morrigan <33 Nicely done!!
very nice on her. Hot and sexy all in one.
ElmoStark's avatar
as calls this kind of design ? 
Lamiaman's avatar
Sexy Succubus!
grunin98's avatar
World of Warcraft, what a great peace of fart! So poor... so poor... So poor that I want to cry. :D
Shadowstream45's avatar
yuss sumoners war!
do you want to Role Play with her?
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xGhostlyFelinex's avatar
Summoners war yeeeeessss!
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Not at all! Its Morrigan from Drakstalkers not summoners war. But i think that the succubus of that game is heavily inspired (or even a copy) of Morrigan. 
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Wow. This is cool!
Where-our-stars-lie's avatar
I can tell she must have been a big Batman fan.
Where-our-stars-lie's avatar
The leggings.

Also why are you even responding to this comment two years later lmaoo
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you know why? It's to remind me how confusing people are on this website are
Where-our-stars-lie's avatar
How does responding to a comment 'remind' you how confusing the people are? XD wouldn't reading it be enough?
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