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Modern Loki

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My take on modern loki ^_^ was painted for My friend FAn's b-day gift <3
❆High res
❆Video process

available ► Via my patreon

used: photoshop CS 6
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Daaaaamn your gallery is so full of candies for my eyes that I almost went past this beauty. It's gorgeous, you did a fantastic work ! Thank you :D (Big Grin) 
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BarbossasLover's avatar
Whoa. Nice! He's so handsome!
Loved it! Could you drawn Loki and Lady Loki together? It would be epic!
Sweet-corn-flakes's avatar
I love this <3 

and Loki himself 
HanzoHasashi35's avatar
naomi-anna-jackson87's avatar
Even without all his green and gold get-up and the gold helm Loki is still hot. Why does my little bean have to be an antihero? Fear  
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Fivey's avatar
I see Crocodile from One Piece here XD
Sweet-corn-flakes's avatar
I see the similarities now that you mentioned it
TheBoyEnder's avatar
I'm vaguely reminded of Legolas.
HaidarTheKnight54's avatar
Yeah, I kinda see Legolas too.
xRossx's avatar
He kinda looks like Peeta from Hunger Games.
xPegasusx's avatar
Yeah I agree. I think it's the nose and the smile.
Maya-Starkles's avatar
Oh my gosh I died
ionasku's avatar this a regular Tom Hiddleston drawing?
Laurawidow's avatar
he looks GORGEOUS. perfect.
tanyasm10's avatar
*heavy breathing*
Derracias-35's avatar
If it were only for your skill in the pen, you would be a master artist, but I must tell you, in every work your I could enjoy, I saw the soul of the printed character in your eyes and I'll tell you, this is a lot of things.
ICommentOnStuff's avatar
Kinda looks like Peta from Hunger Games.
PatienceBrody's avatar
My first thought upon seeing this was "oh shit" which is quite honestly a compliment. IT'S SO PERFECT!!!!
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