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Went to see Moana in theaters. One of the most fun to watch Disney films in a while I just love her and her hair physics!♥

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used: photoshop CS6
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Gorgeous and beautiful Work on h

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Shocked by this amazing art. Helped me to create

Semi-face reveal!
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this is so gorgeous the detail is insane and the way you rendered the water just blows my mind

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This is spectacularly realistic! And I love how crystal-clear the water is

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Oh, so beautiful :vvvvv
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WHOA!!! This is amazing!!!!
Love everything about this pic! Awesome job
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Beautiful work!
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Discovered you after seeing some hate post on Tumblr. Your art is amazing. 
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Which hate post?
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The movie was one of the best movies I ever saw
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Oh my God... This is too perfect Chisaki Crying Icon 
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This is gorgeous! I especially love the water.
her hair looks so realistic wth
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Admittedly I have been ignoring your posts for a while, but this one, of a character I loved from day one, reminded me of why I watched you in the first place: you make your character drawings live!
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I loved that movie! It was so much better than Frozen.

Disney is getting better.
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moana wishes she was as fit and her hair was as good at that she wishes
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Beautiful work!
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