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Mikasa's new look


Inspired by both the first and second design for Mikasa and of course gotta paint her  in all her abs glory *u*;; Also painted many straps !This piece took a long time but I'm happy it's finally done !
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Hair voice over tutorial
please go:
used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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I love your art! Can I pay you to do a piece for me?

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No pants makes you more aerodynamic

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Magnificent and sexy

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I love Mikasa and I envy her abs!

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Will borrow that term, thank you very much. 'lady abs' I love it

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I've said it before, I'll say it again:

Underboob is best boob.

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Underboob is the new cleavage.
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This has to be Best mikasa i have seen!
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Wow 😮 soooo awesome sugoi 😍sakimichan I like it 😍

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Wow 😮 soooo awesome sugoi 😍sakimichan I like it 😍

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hope Butch Hartman won't trace it too

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Vashkunthestampede's avatar that's not her new look. That's your sexualized version you made to sell to your simp boys to fap to....I really wish you'd go back to non sexualized art every once in a've fallen so far with this sex stuff....

Please....Just let her/him do what she/he want.....

If you don't like it, you can just ignore.

I am a 25 years old woman, I really like sakimichan's drawing skill and all the works she/he made. Even I know there are some picture maybe very,very, very erotic,but I don't think it’s bad, because the author's painting technique is really great. The clothe~ The skin~~~all are perform perfect~

I will not become pornographic or wanna make sex with other people after seen this , I am just appreciate the picture, I am just appreciate the skills.

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It's the fact that Sakimi started out making amazing art that had depth and character, and was actual fantasy and it's just slutty pinup girls or actual porn because they learned that sex is what makes them money and that's all they're about now and it's fucking sad! It's terrible how such a talented artist just squandered their talent on a bunch of sweaty simping weeb nerds, and it just comes off as trashy. There's no inventiveness, no creativeness anymore, it's just porn, and it's tragic to see good artists reduce themselves to fap material machines for disgusting individuals with wallets

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Sorry sweetheart this isn't bloody christian forum where women have to cover their clothes on, art is objective and every artist can impress their art with or without sexual theme yet erotic art has been exist for centuries...

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Oh I'm not religious, fuck God. I'm ace actually so sexual shit doesn't even appeal to me, but Sakimi used to do amazing art that actually looked like effort was put into it, and now it's just porn, and disgusting porn at that. I know you're a pervert just like the rest, because all the others who come at me feeling entitled are perverts themselves and are trying to justify being disgusting, so don't waste my time with your "Art is objective!" bullshit because the term is "art is subjective" and the subject here seems to be the absence of any actual creativity on the artist's part, and just a shameless plug for disgusting neckbeards to slobber over, because she abandoned what made her a great artist in the first place. Don't try to give me a lesson on art "sweetheart", because I have an art degree and I know what art actually is, and this is not it, it's just shameless smut pandering to perverts, because that's who will throw money at her for it.

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You're on a site called DeviantArt, and you're ranting about lewd drawings. That's like going to a political debate and complaining about all the political talk.

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