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Mikasa back


This is a really tricky piece ;o; ! I struggled quite a bit. I was going for a nice warm atmosphere with the lighting <3 I wanted to paint a back view for Mikasa , really think her back design would look really cool !
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Hair voice over tutorial
please go:
used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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Neverbthought anime women could be so fine omfg

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Nice, very nice! :D

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No abs, no fav
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Mikasa es su casa!

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It looks so voluminous...

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Woaaa! thats really beautiful saki!

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As the man once said, "So round, so firm, so fully packed."

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i only just noticed that her shirt was half off.

Holy fooking shite, this is amazingly well done(Although the resolution isn't as good as it should be). Could you make Hange, Historia and Ymir next?

Nice one, I could lose my head over this happily

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lovely work and angle

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looks stunningly lovely :D

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lovely backside X'D

Hypnotically sexy and gorgeously cute ass indeed

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