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Medusa's Saviour Resubmit

Feel free to use it as wallpaper : )

Sorry for the resubmit ^^, I had to correct a few things and I wanted to add some texture on it as well and I think 1 picture per day is enough XD I'm trying to stick to 1 pic a day for this week at least > .<

This painting is about medusa who meets a blind man who didn't mind her appearance, because of his kind heart he had to comfort her crys and so the story goes...

wipblog-> [link]

used: photoshop CS 4
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It´s so beautiful, When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

Thanks for the kind and peaceful subject :)!

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the poor young woman never asked for that cursed to be placed on her
Would love to read a story based on this concept.B-) (Cool) 
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after reading the real story... i mostly blame poseidon and athena...what a bunch of a-holes!!
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I saw this here… lovely image:) lovely :) medusa functionally is a raped women whose rapist is not abused or criminalized while a fellow female, albeit a female god, blames her for being raped in the female gods temple, based on medusa claiming her own beauty is better than the gods. not that medusa desired to be raped. in many way, i realize now this is the metoo mythology and your artful depiction is interesting. I personally would had used the word friend, not savior but i like the graphics alot
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I really love the story behind this. Medusa is such a tragic character, she diserves some happiness.
There's actually a couple of videos on YouTube with similar premises.
Here are the links:……
OMG!!!! I love your work and I love that storie more than the original one! If you write a book, I will buy it! For sure. ^^
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Someone needs to write a story based on this! 
I will write the best story in history of this! I will also write a story with my very own OC in it.
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Where will you post it? Can you send me a link? 
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It shows the soft side of medusa.
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Waw, I Would never have imagined that my wallpaper could be created by your hands. 
I quickly found the picture on google... And now I see it here !
Ahah As always, I love your works :) 

Congrats !
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Why isn't there a story for this!?!?!
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This is so beautiful
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Medusa x blind man is a great ship.
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:iconbanzaiplz: YES! glad i wasn't the only one thinking of something like this happening! :iconloveloveplz:
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Beautiful artwork!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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I always love the idea of tragic/pitiful Medusa that was evil but secretly wanting to be good > < So yes, I Realllyy like this! The contrast with the light si really liberating : D
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Athena turned Medusa into a gorgon cause medusa had sex in Athena's temple with Athena's brother Poseidon. Serves her right, that little whore.
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even if she did had sex or was raped in Athena's temple,turning medusa into a gorgon is still a little too harsh.
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