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My version of male maleficent. I did a bit of redesigning from the original concept to make it cooler and more evil looking : )Hope you guys like.

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This has to be Malleus Draconia’s father

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maybe the male version of his name is malfoy!!
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I WOULD HIM UP LENNY FACE INTENSIFYES LENNY FACE INTENSIFYES LENNY FACE INTENSIFYES LENNY FACE INTENSIFYES LENNY FACE INTENSIFYES LENNY FACE INTENSIFYES LENNY FACE INTENSIFYES LENNY FACE INTENSIFYES LENNY FACE INTENSIFYES Lenny Face Lenny Face Velociraptor Blue lenny face eyebrows wiggle Vincent Lenny Face II Emoticon Cuphead - King Dice (Bunny)Lenny Face Kitty Lenny Face Emoji 17 Sans lenny face Lenny Eevee Lenny Face|H o t| Hot| Hawt|anime|r@ping time Lenny Vaporeon 
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Freaking awesome art
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The type of dark hotness Duke (Vampair Series) wishes he could possess.  Seriously, Maleficent is my favorite Disney villainess, so naturally her male counterpart would be just as intimidating and powerful.
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This is truly evil incarnate. One of the most flawless drawings I've ever seen. Great job!
When the Meme is Just RightWhen the virus corrupts the game just right iconNatsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1]Ratchet in AweLuffy - Love
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After few hundreds in some hours, it appears it's always very aesthetic, great quality, but always the same thing that makes the dream repetitive.

I frankly not want to diminish what I think about your work for even in twenty years I won't be able to free my mind enough to make the tenth of the quality you succeed to do, but after that much, it appears always the same thing, differently.

Sorry, it was only to be honest and in a very humble way.
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I know your work has inspired many, but I wanted to share my latest inspired by this piece:  MALEficent by Doubtful-Della
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He is so hot !!! He is a very bad boy ! And he's gonna rape all fan-girls !!!

I'm not crazy, why you're asking ?
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Is there a nsfw version of this?
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"Sometimes I think
When I look up real high
That there's such a big world up there
I'd like to give it a try
But then I sink
Cos it's here I'm suppossed to stayBut I get so lonely down here

Tell me why does it have to be that way

Up there there is so much room. Where babies burp and flowers bloom. Everyone dreams, I can dream too

Up there, Up where the skys are ocean blue
I could be safe and live without a care up thereeee.

ohhhh wowo

They say I don't belong. I must stay below alone Because of my beliefs I'm suppossed to stay where evil is sown
What is evil anyway? 


Is there reason to the rhyme
Without evil there could be no good so it must be good to be evil sometimes Heart 

Up there there is so much room Where babies burp and flowers bloom
Everyone dreams, I can dream too Up there, Up where the skies are ocean blue. I could be safe and live without a care,

Live without a care
If only I could live UP THERE.

I want to live up thereeeeeeee." Hug…
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My my my...Isn't he full of all sorts of hotness <3
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Holy Hell!!!
that devious smile: I love you so much here!

Maleficent - Diaval Icon 1:*Squeals and dies to the floor*

Me: I'll be so drawing you forever your king of Hell!

Amazing job on him here, besides that your work has been awesome to me so much here on DA!
HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. Maleficent is so hot I'm going to melt.
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I so want to cosplay this
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WOW! Is it just me or can I TOTALLY see Adam Lambert in this picture cos-playing as Maleficent? Yeah. I don't think my eyes deceive me. :fuzzydemon:
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hey, you got a couple of your images stolen by this page…
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