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Male muscle step by step tutorial

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This tutorial was made possible by my patrons on patreon! The full package of this tutorial including psd, video tutorial,  high res jpg will be available through…  : )

Program recommended: photoshop

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Thank you for your interest!

This term (1-17th Dec) tutorial pack include these and one more voice over workshop on portrait !
Nose tutorial by sakimichanCleavge step by step tutorial by sakimichan
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the key is the brush

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Is this available trough gumroad?
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Thank you. This is what I need to learn.
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all I'm paying attention to are the shmexy muscles...mmm, muscles

Niky Purple Devil Pervert  <---[me in pervert mode right now]
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ohhhh myy goddddd i love this
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really nice !! Helps me a lot ! thanks !
Doodlz18's avatar
excellent :la:
I just love all of your tutorials
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*---* great thanks for this tutorial
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Gorgeous tutorials. 
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hmm could you submit how to draw both female and male bodies that aren't so fit too? more like the common body type (not too skinny or too fat)
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THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^
dyver's avatar
I like to draw but not the nipples
don't ask why
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How I would love to know these tutorials, but I don't have much money. T-T
Frecheszinho's avatar
I know the feeling, gotta practice and discover for yourself or free tutorials :/
RabbitAndLionhearted's avatar
This will definitely be of help for me in the future, thank you so much! :D 
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Very nice. Thanks.
NathanielPMarkT's avatar
Ooh.... this will help me draw better :D thanks! You're awesome ^_^
EbonyDreamIvory's avatar
Thank you! I have such trouble with male figures sometimes!
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Thank you, this is very helpful!
zaboo17's avatar
Since I am not a guy, this is really helpful, thanks!!
thank you! This is super helpful! 
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