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.Mad man.

Came up with it last nightXD...An artist who went crazy, obsessed with his creations, became delusional and is slowly eaten away by it.

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used: photoshop CS 4
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yeah, you're the best
There is something about this which is deeply familiar. Perhaps it is my shared descent into madness. Or understanding the thought, thinking you are mad, or others do, as you see the unseen and follow distant horizons. And though you may harbor doubt in your mind, somehow you know deep...deep within, it is all to true, and it is waiting...waiting for you.
Pygmalion [spelling?]
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This reminds me of Johnny the homicidal maniac for some reason. I LOVE IT. 
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This has to be one of my favorite pieces of ALL time, seriously.  You are beyond talented.  Will keep watching you for a long time to come....
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I love your work so much <3 You are an amazing artist :3
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See, this is some of the best work on Deviantart. The new glamour shot type comps are really technically impressive (and most are sexy as hell), but I really prefer your compositional work like this. I think this is incredible.
my thoughts exactly Sweating a little... 
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Awesome drawing skillz (with a "z")
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Strange and beautiful at the same time. Love it.
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you are awesome at these black and white ones
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ugghh so beautiful!!! like in a twisted way!! i love the angel girl with many haloès  very well done!!
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digg this one :)
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Very imaginative. 
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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woah.... awesome.
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One day that'll be me x3
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ok i want a two hour long movie about this right now
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now that's something to die for... XD
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Sounds a lot like me. :)
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