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Lisa X Dragon's crown pinup

By sakimichan
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Kind of late to the party but here's summer Byleth ^u^

  • High res jpg steps
  • voice over tutorial
  • layer PSD 

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Hair voice over tutorial
please go:
used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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This looks incredible, but her back must hurt so bad... 🤣
animemeatic's avatar

every time i see this pic it makes my heart race little faster. verny nice art

LV-Jeanne's avatar

I like the idea but this looks pretty ridiculous

TimBaril's avatar

This is beyond awesome. Thanks for this!!

HolieKay's avatar

Omg poor Lisa...what happened to her boobs? D: They are so big that poor girl has to carry them with the book ;(

Eh...I love how Sakimi colors her arts, it's just a God tier. And sadly, that's the only reason why I still follow her ;( I love to see the progress, but now only for the background.

Rikien's avatar

having so much fun playing with this character. all hail the lightning witch.

awesome mash up too.

XxFrozenFlarexX's avatar
xK0UKi's avatar

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of this crossover... and I'm definitely glad you did Sakimichan

Kami5885's avatar
Lisa is great and all....but Ningguang will always be my best girl.
Jasmine-Lotus's avatar
Breast on the left looks oddly bigger than the one on the right. And your description is wrong again.
Unseeming's avatar

To me it looks like the left one is more on top of the book, whereas the right is somewhat behind it!

Jasmine-Lotus's avatar
But the left shouldn't have that much reach considering how the body is posed.
Rocky-Ace's avatar

Well, the right breast is somewhat pointing at the viewer so it is a bit foreshortened.

Jasmine-Lotus's avatar
I know that. But my problem is the left breast being too extended as if it being pushed toward the viewer's perspective.
Rocky-Ace's avatar

Her left or the left breast? But I think I get ya.

AyaYanagisawa's avatar

i never say this but “where are the organs?” Literally 🤣

The rib cage and organs are missing 🤣

Caine-of-Nod's avatar

Vibrant, Lovely, and Cool Artwork!!! Creative Colors by Gomotes :love: Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] Mindblowing :happybounce: :headbang: :squee: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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bearboy599's avatar

The energy here is very strong 😍

Kazumy's avatar

Superbly detailed and gorgeous

alice-in-wonderland2's avatar

This would look way better if the breasts weren't that big, I think you got them a little too big this time

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