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Lip tutorial,The full package of this tutorial including psd, video process high res jpg will be available through link.

^_^ Help me reach my next milestone so I can create workshops !…

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I was looking for the same. I am very much concerned about my lips and it's getting rough day by day. I have used many lip mask on my lips but I want fast results. I hope this will help me take care of my lips. Lips are a very sensitive body part so Taking care of them should be our major priority.

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This is a wonderful tutorial. 
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I cannot believe you can draw exceptionally well, but have grammar errors in English language.
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Hi! You know, not everybody knows English, like me. So... just don't say anything unnecessary. At least she writes something in the description... 

Acabo de ver tu perfil, de Albania... bueno... pero no puedes pedir que todos escriban bien el inglés solo porque tu puedes hacerlo. .-. Shame on you. Me indigna en sobremanera que porque ella dibuje bien, sea obligatorio que también escriba bien. Agh, pedante. Han pasado 2 años, pero solo vine acá a recordarte tu comentario. 
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After reading through your comments thread, I can point out a whole bunch of grammatical errors that you have made that no one else has pointed out. You really shouldn't judge someone else's grammar if your own language base is of a standard that someone else can pull your poor grammar apart. It's common sense.
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Please point them out one by one, so I become a professional.
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Very well. I didn't want to do this, but if you insist then I will do just that.
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because english is everybodys mother tongue, right? 
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Cuz it is super easy to fix grammar mistakes and super difficult to draw so well?
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Umm, no, it doesn't work like that..
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So how it works?
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*so how does it work?
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What ever you know how to do is easy for you. If you know English - it'll be easy, if you don't - it won't. Same for painting and they have no connection one to the other.
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Ok. But it helps learning grammar. Otherwise people would laugh. Not all, but sure some will.
Or you might lose clients for the matter.
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Nadie la va a contratar porque tenga buen "grammar".-. la van a contratar por su talento artístico. 
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If having bad grammar means losing clients like you, then I don't think that's a bad thing at all lol.
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*It helps to learn grammar.
*Or you might lose clients, for that matter.
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I'd say it helps learning manners and not laughing at people cause they make mistakes.
And I dont think sakimichan loses or even needs clients, she makes over 650k a year just from her Patreon.
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I love that you dont just provide the pictures, but also brief explinations as to what is going on in the pictures. And I love even more so that you include the type of brush that you are using to achieve that step. The brushes are the most intimidating part of painting for me, I never know which one to use where. Seeing your examples of what they're capable of helps me feel more confident in experimenting and practicing. THANK YOU!!!
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thanks ! I`ve been swamped by drawing lips for a while..
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Great work,thanks for the tutorial.
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