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Life is strange .Together.


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I was commissioned to paint a fan art piece of "Life Is Strange”. I was very happy as it's one of my favorite story driven games in a long time.  Here is Max and Chloe, inspired by the shot of them on the rails holding hands . Took me a while to paint but it was fun.  Took around 7-8 hrs.  Hope you guys like it.

Used: photoshop CS 6

You can view the time lapse of the process here (

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It is true life is strange

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I used this as my desktop wallpaper for months. Still having it back time to time. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this amazing piece of art <3

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I enjoyed the game and love this artwork. Awesome!
Kitsune-no-Arashi's avatar
Impressive work. Poor subject.
Kitsune-no-Arashi's avatar

I was going through this guys work because I found some other images was impressed with much of it and then flipped to this one. Excellent art. Horrible game. I dropped my opinion and moved on.

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that's your opinion mate. i think its a great game, and considering the high ratings and good reviews most people do too.
Kitsune-no-Arashi's avatar

Umm... was I not in every way clear it was an opinion?

Also, you may want to take note of the avalanch of negative reviews, stories and other backlash it got. Indeed, it was popular within a certain crowd, and they're fully allowed their poor taste, no objection to that.

But for a THIRD time... Impressed with this guy's artwork, but not a fan of the subject matter. Hope you understand now, Vex.

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Hello! I hate to inform you that your amazing work has been stolen and used as their icon. Your work is amazing and I hate seeing people steal others hard work
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I'm not joking.  This makes me wanna cry! I can't wait until season 2 is released!

Ran Crying Icon 
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I love these girls ♥
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Just been starting on this series, i love this drawing.
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can i ask what had you used to draw ?
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Just a fantastic piece. Captures the lovely couple quite nicely.
i was just thinking you should do one for life is strange, when checking ur gallery and this one pops up!! Awesome work!! absolutely love it!
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This is really nice, I was looking for a reference photo and I really thought this was an official picture. So well done, I really love the way the characters look (^_^)
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This is so cool. :) 
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