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Through back to a old classic Lelouch from Code Geass <3 what a good anime series ! My take on Lelouch :3 can't wait to see the new movie in theaters *_*! 

❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

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KDA Akali v2 by sakimichan KDA Akali v1 by sakimichan

Mature Content

Lightning suit pinup by sakimichan
2B -victorian ruffle v1 - by sakimichan

Mature Content

2b Victorian classic color by sakimichan

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used: photoshop CS6
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H0TAR0Hobbyist Digital Artist

i kinda wanna see you drawing KNB characters, they well looks really amazing in your style~

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hollowlighterHobbyist Artist


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escafanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Perfect !! but too muscular (Lelouch is very thin) 
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bevieboo94Hobbyist Writer
I love how when u look into his eyes, you can just see both his inner darkness as well as his loneliness.
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A bit too swole to be lelouch, great pic anyway
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Well done. :-)
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The drawing is awesome. But... He's too muscular for Lelouch.
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dacringeyfangirlHobbyist General Artist
I just started watching Code Geass but damn that’s hot.
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wiedzminkaHobbyist General Artist
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Wow, I love it, but I must say, I didn't expect my homeboy to have THIS much muscle to him.

As much praise as this drawing of my homeboy Lelouch gets, I can't help but get the feeling that he really SHOULD be quite thinner and have alittle less muscle mass... I really am torn.
On one hand, I like this realistic take on Lelouch, but on the other hand, I liked him how he was in the anime.
Don't get me wrong, both are good. I just wish that there was a way to keep him realistic looking but make him just alittle thinner all around.

I know, TL;DR, but I really respect my homeboy Lelouch too much to accept him as anything else but how he was; a skinny strategist with secrets. super smarts, and spectacular mind-control powers.

Maybe I could see if a commission is an option, Ms. Sakimichan?

Thank you for reading and sorry for making it so long, ma'am.
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DracoGaleStudent Digital Artist
This one looks even better than the original in the series. You've captured his image really well along with his personality.

I had no idea there was a movie coming out in theaters on Code Geass!
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DuettxHobbyist General Artist
This is just... Amazing
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PolysiertHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! Lelouch <3
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WillowTearHobbyist Artist
This is so dreamy
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nathyelricHobbyist Traditional Artist
Gorgeous! The clothing texture is neatly done! Great work there!
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Gorgeous! Delicious! And another "ous" I can't remember for now because my english sucks.
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lelouch weight is about 50 kgs
ts not real that he can have muces or wide hands
He looks very thin in anime, and in anime he looks as sexy as this draw)
wonderful pic btw)
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MigsDaRuttHobbyist Artist
I'm so used to seeing Lelouch's lanky-looking design thanks to the original art-style. It almost looks like Lulu is a lot buffer here.
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EizendrawsHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Vyctorian Digital Artist
This is godly!~
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Smartgy07Hobbyist Photographer
I think this is more accurate than even the anime. This is how Zero would dress...fitted to the T.
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