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Lara croft Pinup


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Voted up by you guys on the NSFW poll :3 Lara croft 2013! I had alot of fun with this painting, Trying to make everything flow more naturally with more textures :3 My favorite part is to add the cloth texture and dirt XD !I also have another version of this, will post later on ^o^


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used: photoshop CS6
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Oh my God,. She is awesome 💓😍😘
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My favorite Female protagonist game character made by my favorite artist...... Christmas arrived earlier this year Pearl Emote 43 
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Your skills are incredible! I like the way how her skin catches the light.
horsens's avatar
looove the shading and the anatomy, great work :) <3
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Hm...Well, she's gorgeous for a starter. You really captured her new look flawlessly! You are a terrific artist, no doubt about it. But I did notice that you forgot her necklace though! That's a shame, since her necklace is important to her character. :o

That aside...I can't say i'm too thrilled to see a ''pin-up'' of Lara from you. I know you do ''nsfw'' drawing of both genders, and that's atleast nice that you tackle the subject on equal footing,

But I just hate to see any remotely ''sexual'' themes regarding fanart of Lara, or any female characters that aren't sexual in nature anyway. I also wasn't very...appreciative...of the Lara/Quiet pornographic artwork that you made, shall I say. >_<

But you know, that's neither here nor there. That's just my personal gripe torwards the subject of nsfw/sexual drawings of female characters. </3

You know, I would have loved to see some ''proper'' fanart out of you! But, your very with commissions I assume, so you won't have time anyway. Unless, maybe...I commission you for it. :P
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I mean, the painting is good but there is something completely wrong with her area underneath the breast. You can see how it's completely chopped off. It's okay for females to have some bit of fat on them, geez
sexy, very sexy that all that needs to be said.
Baelickoris's avatar
hmm very gorgeous work as always but ehhh i do kinda feel the bosom is a bit overly large on her.
really hot and one of my fav...<3
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excellent job :)
aikogome's avatar
she looks like Kendall Jenner
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Love it! Lara extremely hot here :)

Gotta like that armpit sweat lol
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Fantastic draw ^-^ good job :D
CuteKittyWitty's avatar
Her boobs: FUCK YOU LOGIC!
Shefali13's avatar
Very very beatiful!!!
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