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Lara Croft X Quiet (YURI WARNING) Teaser

By sakimichan
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(I turned the filter on strict because I know some individuals are more sensitive to Yuri XD a precaution I'm taking , please don't click if you don't want to see 2 Woman together ~ you've been warned !)

This pairing was suggested to me , first cross-game pairing I've ever done :D and it was fun!

❅ video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made

Full YURI piece available through Pledge

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Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
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TrapicheSapphire's avatar
FUCK!!! dem faces man! :D your doing an amazing job
Azurewhitewind's avatar
Don't mean any disrespect or anything, but a lot of your faces look a like. I guess that's the anime in your style, but i would like to see you draw more faces. I know you can do it. I actually have this problem myself...
inquisitonhuman's avatar
And now I can die happy (dies)
I just realize how similar their appearance in general terms, from face to body build.
Azurewhitewind's avatar
Yeah, that's what I was thinking, they look like sisters or something.
RobloxBuddie's avatar
I just noticed that also.
You know what, I actually thought of creating a Metal Gear/Tom Raider crossover where the reboot universe fits with the lore of MGS. The idea involves the human genome hides secrets related to Yamatai and all that. How else to explain the abilities of Volgin and Psycho Mantis. Also one of MGS theme's is information control so what more relevant way for it to fit in TR other than Lara realizing that everything she read is wrong - on purpose?
Azurewhitewind's avatar
Oh, wow. That's pretty cool,  I am sure that would be fun to write.
The ST-84 Metal Gear Sahelanthropus was named after the Sahelan man, an early human species that was not discovered until the 2000s in our timeline. Why cover it up? Hell, the Yamatai and all the other hidden civilizations with their advancements and their peoples' super human abilities might force humanity to face hard questions about itself, especially in the Metal Gear universe.

The theme for such a crossover game would be legacy and heritage.
HyrulianTwilight's avatar
If you write this, plz let me know. I'd love to read it.
I don't if I pull it off. Metal Gear has some complex lore, while very much understandable, begs to question practicality in writing as fanfiction because it's not just the events portrayed in the games but about keeping to their thematic symbolism.

However, I'll give a few hints of how it might play... Lara and Otacon discussing about the Elgin Marbles, ancient Greek statues held in the British Museum which the Greek government requested they be returned. Lara questions the idea of taking another nation's heritage and putting them up for display for themselves.

Another would about how everything today was the result of the backwash of history, say for example the Cold War and going back further, how the Treaty of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years War, created the modern concept of a nation.

Last but not the least, information and perception. How retelling events from the past distorts them gradually and imputing bias in successive generations of retellings.
Azurewhitewind's avatar
Ah, man, that sounds pretty awesome! :D
ScarletKnightReterns's avatar
I should not be looking at this. And defiantly not at school o.O
solidus598's avatar
Nice NSFW. But can we get a drawing of snake ? If you have the time that is.
Sharpman01's avatar
Quiet and...Lara Croft?
Nope24's avatar
I really can't see the full version right now __-
Well I didn't know I wanted this before I saw this wonderful artwork.
ViperCanel's avatar
Nice idea you got there. Also good drawing skills.
DatYonaka's avatar
Cyama's avatar
mum toriel? r u sure u want frisk to see dis XD
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