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Kpop Noctis


My take on kpop inspired version of Noctis from final fantasy 15 aka the boy band FF game among st my friends and I <3

 NSFW preview


❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

 available through my patreon 

Dabi by sakimichan kpop Bakugo by sakimichan Suit Link by sakimichan Sun Wukong Rwby by sakimichan

Mature Content

Older Bakugo X deku .yaoi tag. by sakimichan

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Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
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*squeal* Omygod, this is so good!!! I am a HUGE sucker for FFXV!!! I love the game and my boys so much!!! And this piece is just so beautiful and cool!! I love it so much!

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Oh my god skksksks I can't function now

This is amazing!!
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Holy shit! He's so awesome! Your art is so amazing, beautiful and sexy! Plus I heard someone told me that Noctis is born in August, the same month I'm born in too!
You just summarized this FF, I always knew they were a kpop band !
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cool handsome awesome:happybounce:

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It's like seeing Jaejoong in his anime form and we all know that in real like he looks like he came from a anime series or a manga series O///O 
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Kpop combinations with anime DOES NOT WORK !!!! THIS IS NOT GOOD!!! ORIGINALS MUST BE RESPECTED!!! Inside Out Reaction Icon: Anger on fire Inside Out Reaction Icon: Anger on fire 
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Final fantasy isn't an anime-- oop
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I hope this is a joke
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Same lol I hope it's a joke
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Thanks for understanding my opinion. 
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Stop overreacting, it's just a drawing Jesus Christ... But there some Kpop Idols that look like anime characters T_T
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Well...ok...But still... JAPANESE WAS FIRST!!!!!!
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Japanese might have been first.. but Korea did it better. Shinee 5 forever!
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Okay no need to be aggressive and who cares who was first they're oriental asians

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and anyway @xXRAGEmasterMASTERofRAGEXx it's just a fun version of a Japanese game character. It's in the K-pop style, but it doesn't mean Sakimichan changed the character's actual nationality. 

Please explain why you are so ANGERY. I actually legit want to know, please don't label me as a troll or a bully or whatever. (even though my second comment was pretty much a troll whoops)
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Your username must now be changed to; "xXRAGEmasterMASTERofRAGEXx".

This change is mandatory. No exceptions. Unless you've died shortly after receiving this message.
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ooooooh patriotic
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