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Kakashi Chilling

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Kakashi has always been one of my fav characters on naruto ! here's him chilling out while the kids are out training.

used: Photoshop CS6
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Ayyy it's ma boi

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Damn bear drool emoji All your art is really good. 10/10.

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Makeout Paradise!  It's not Kakashi Hatake if he's not fending off Genin with barely any effort while reading a volume of Jiraiya's Makeout Paradise.  He's one of my favorite characters from the brief two or three years I read/watched the Naruto series in middle/high school.
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Wow!! That's just awesome!!
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Great job you really improved yourself
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Can you draw Olaf as a human?
you make me love him more
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Kakashi, the glorious character, hate it that his sharingan had to go. cough cough Obito's, but still :/ :@
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Yummy... *drools
I'm hungry...Get in my belly! 
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XD Cool 😭😭
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Still covering his mouth no matter the angle, I see. XD
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Amaze. Yup. Kakashi always chillin with da porn XD
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I just started watching Naruto (yes I know extremely late to the party) but I love Kakashi's personality so much! I mean reading a romance book while Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are trying to get those bells was hilarious! Great depiction of him as well! I have just reached the part where I know what lies behind the covered eye and I can't wait to keep watching! 
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It was a porn book
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If anything it was an erotic novel
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You have a lot to look forward too! I got into Naruto pretty late myself (2015) and I finally got round to finishing the lot a few weeks ago. So awesome.
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Ah! I am looking forward to it <3 I took a small break since I was literally dreaming about the episodes haha but now that summer is here I can't wait to start back into it! 
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That's fucking awesome
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