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December 3, 2021
Jinx 01 by sakimichan
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Jinx 01


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I wanted to draw Jinx again after watching arcane ! it's so good. Really awesome to watch the back story of one of my fav characters from League ! took some inspiration from the og jinx design as well.
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Hair voice over tutorial
please go:
used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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LadyAdiraa's avatar

SIGH, of course this has to exist. o(一︿一+)o

Sorry Jinx you are an incredibly dynamic masterpiece of a character and you deserve so much better.

DA3Katz's avatar

Of course it does cupcake! Wonderful, right?!

It's always good to highlight sweet spots though.

Kick it off! Jinx is lovely in every perception. ^-^

LadyAdiraa's avatar

Take care of yourself DA3Katz.

NautilusNemo's avatar

Extremely beautiful 👑✌️

Neptune83's avatar

Really cool. I love it. Great use of color.

Please check out my new art book on amazon:

Great Fighter Jets of the Galaxy 1 by Tim Gibson

100 full color pictures.

Maisha-Iris's avatar

Her raised leg looks weird to me. Also her arms and thighs are veery long. Fortunately, lighting and colors make up for it.

Neptune83's avatar

Actually I think its perfect.



Nice FAKEABABY shapewear! Beautiful!

dog2222222222222222's avatar

please, show her boobs. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

I want to taste her destructive things 💣💣💣

kristine301's avatar

Gorgeous! My kind of gal, mixed-matched stockings FTW.

newboldworld's avatar

Absolutely superb! :)

The gauntlet is down. You can’t take criticism for your terrible art and stories. Weird that you list yourself as a professional with your generic, ugly style , Mary sue characters, pathetic fetish and poor shading

ZikxGaming's avatar

One of the most beautiful things my eyes could see!

hbaf187's avatar

The art technique is outstanding, but I don't know . . . :? Jinx is dangerous. Powder is vulnerable. This character is neither: a sex kitten. I think I have an issue with this interpretation of the character.

RudiRueWarecorgi's avatar

Yeah, but I like that she's a woman. In the game she's supposedly an adult but doesn't look like one. Supposedly in league we're just playing a kids' game but meanwhile, if you've ever actually played it there's so many toxic people cursing you out and talking about the horrid sex acts you do it's far from it. That's why I don't like any children avatars involved with the obviously adult players. It wouldn't be so bad if she had some clothes on in the game but it's gross, the way they try and lolita her up.

I like this version much more.

hbaf187's avatar

I am sorry the gaming environment is so ugly.

My exposure to Arcane is from Netflix.

Here is a work on Powder I really like:

RudiRueWarecorgi's avatar

Yeah, I don't know about other environments. I just know what they say about her in Riot's League. You did post a video for it in the comment section of that work.

carlosgoldberg's avatar

Congrats Sakimichan on you DD!!

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