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I rly like this pairing ^u^ i know I kinda uped the heat a bit, but still trying to keep it clean XD;;; and haters gonna hate I guess.

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-used photoshop cS 6

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I don't get the haters; this is gorgeous! And it's a crack-ship, obviously, idk why the antis take it so seriously lmao XD #stillshippingJelsa2020

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Jelsa is cliche and will never work!!! Many reasons why this ship sucks!

Ysmaelab's avatar
I love Elsa!!! :thumbsup:free Olaf Smile 
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Hopefully when Frozen II is released this ridiculous pairing will go away.
CobaltPie's avatar
That couple is trurly pretty.
Uranimated18's avatar
good work 
Strzok's avatar
They'd make a cute couple
Best suiting couple I found on the internet...
Mirandahart123's avatar
Yeah that’s so true!
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I would love it if they have Elsa find herself Jack Frost
WienerOmnipotent's avatar
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gonna make lots of snowmen
Leafybella's avatar
The power to make people laugh is deadly. XD
MariaEnzianiaKober's avatar
Wow - they have a really intense expression ^^. I also like the postures, and the coloring/shading you used.
kelvinxtreme's avatar
At first glance I though "ohhh Elsa has a boyfriend" but then i realized it was Jack Frost and everything made perfect sense from there, gj.
valouxlove's avatar
😱😱😱👌👌👌 On point!!! 😍😍😍
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Ya know... I didn't used to ship this couple but after seeing this, I ship them 100%! All the way! Wonderful artwork by the way.
SilverBlue-Neko's avatar
I-I ship it so hard! X3
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