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Did another piece of Howl <3 re-watching Howl's movie castle for inspiration. For this piece, I wanted to paint him with more volume on a wide canvas. I focused on painting a light mood. I'm not really sure if I translated what I really wanted to paint exactly. I really enjoyed painting his jacket however ^_^

NSFW preview.

❅step sequence
❅ video process(NSFW/SFW)
❅ NSFW/SFW High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

 NSFW/SFW available through my patreon 

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used: photoshop CS6
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Классная работа, но зачем серёжки мужику?
shadowquick's avatar
Best Howl artwork I ever seen!
arathia1's avatar
I love this!!!!
GraysonZalishqi's avatar
JazzmineGermany's avatar
Very Nice Artwork!
warriorchinchilla's avatar
Moshiipie's avatar
Thats so perfect!! OMG
sam25l91's avatar
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Awesome!!! :O I LOVE all the details!!!
Lid-d's avatar
Yeet! Loved the movie as well.
MORDKEY's avatar
wow!!!!! BEAUTIFUL
Amazing!! One of my favorite characters. Have you done a Sophie from Howl's moving Castle? I think that you would do a great job!!
Kiarastenkoski's avatar
I love this character. I've seen the film and read the book, and I have to say that they are totally different at the story.
If you are a fan you should take a look both of them <3
Amargantah's avatar
Perfection!  I  love the movie and his character and you make him Alive!  You can create life in your art!  Is the best quality for an artist in my opinion. 
YuureiCosplay's avatar
Damn this is fucking awesome! Incredible art!
sercci-b's avatar
So gorgeous <3
pook1997's avatar
ohhhhhh myyy gaaawwwdddd!
Aysuna7's avatar
So beautiful!!!
Raspcherry's avatar
Ah he looks as vain as he really is!! You really captured his beauty there. ww
Slaydey's avatar
Howl has too much swag
Zaloffshat's avatar
I love your version of this character!
IsisTemptation's avatar
Oh for godssake! This is just too perfect I'm done! <3
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