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Horoscope series .:Taurus:.


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At first I though I would be using alot of brown tones for Taurus as it is the earth element but upon further research I found out Taurus colors were Blue/pink and Green. Those colors seemed more fun to play with. So that's what i rolled with XD Her horns are a combination of flower +green planes. i think the more time consuming part of this piece is the leafs and trying to make the horns work overall without overlapping too much with aries piece. anyways hope you guys like ^_^;;

❅video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

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Love the green!

ArdynRodolphIzunia05's avatar
Sprite-Trixx's avatar

Best sign hands down! <3

Holy... I'm a Taurus and this just... Phenomenal! I have never been so proud and honored to be a Taurus as with this depiction of it! You are incredible!

i am aries, but this is my freakin favorite

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Finally, someone goes beyond just making some bull, especially an ugly one sheesh! I really love you Incorporated our nature loving side, her horns are basically almost nature themselves! omg saki its so beautiful its was Taurus deserves ;-;
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Very Nice Work!
StardustChu's avatar
You made my Horoscope so nice! :)
Alberto62's avatar
That's my horoscope! So lovely!
mew1157's avatar
You certainly did my sign justice and more! Amazingly beautiful and detailed! 
CobaltPie's avatar
Now I'm proud and happy
JadedDragonLady's avatar
Proud to be a Taurus. :)
FantasyDragonArt514's avatar
Ah, yes. Taurus. It is only THE BEST SIGN EVER!!!!!!!!! I mean I’m kinda bias but it’s still true...
ClawdeenTheFoxo's avatar
I'm A Taurus. Nice Work! :D 
SmartyArtsy1's avatar
OMG I am a Taurus!!!! This is so beautiful!!
MightyAMVs's avatar
your gallery is just amazing your draw skill is godlike :o i was wondering if i could use your artwork if i credit you ?
guatavoospina's avatar
please, taurus male version. Thanks.:happybounce: Devilish Headbang! 
CamomilleS's avatar
YEEESSSS!!! Please!! bear drool emoji 
AliceLocke's avatar
I really like your version of Taurus :D! Very beautiful!
ATACLC's avatar
There's the good ol' stubborn Taurus. A round of applause, I like being a Taurus.
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